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How to Tell if You Have Termites?
Have you ever seen a termite? It looks like an ant, only white. They are often called white ants. When they are reproducing, they fly with wings, much like ants. Termite wings are of equal size, but ants’ wings vary in size. Their antennae are straight, where ants’ antennae are bent. They even have a social order, much like ants do. There is a king and queen that are of some size, while the workers are small. A very important difference between ants and termites is that ants prey on termites.

bug bites Derby, KSTermites actually play a great part in the scheme of things. Termites feed on cellulose, the fibrous part of wood. They eat 24/7 and return to the earth the nutrients found in their food. Drywood termites live in dead trees, stumps, logs and broken branches. The trouble comes when houses or businesses are built over galleries, or colonies, of subterranean termites. A house could be built over six to ten galleries, each holding millions of termites.

How to find a KS Licensed Termite Exterminator
If you have a problem with white ants, give us a call at the toll-free number. We are a free service, open 24 hours a day every day. That means holidays, too. Our friendly and helpful local experts will match you to termite inspectors in Derby, KS who enjoy the best reviews. We will get you a free estimate from such big names as Orkin and Arrow Exterminator in Derby, KS. We will make sure they send Spanish speaking exterminators from KS state licensed local companies to help you get rid of termites in Derby, KS. We also speak Spanish.pest control Derby, KS

Signs You May Have Termites in Derby, KS
An important thing you should know is that it doesn’t matter if your house is made of cement blocks, stucco or brick. Termites will find a chink in the material no bigger than a fingernail and slide into your house. They chew through sheetrock, wallpaper paste, carpet, furniture and sometimes clothing to get to wood. Did you know termites have been found in the Statue of Liberty? Nothing is safe from the white ants. If you need to know when to call termite control in Derby, look for the signs of termites. They will swarm up out of the ground where their galleries are located and fly about. Subterranean termites can’t exist above ground or they will dry out and die. They need tubes of dirt in which to move around. They will build these tubes across your yard and up the walls into your house. Another way how to tell if you have termites is that drywood termites hang out where there is a lot of wood. Check the tree line, wood pile and branches torn from trees.

Derby Termite Treatment Options
exterminator in Derby, KSTermite control companies in Derby know how to kill termites using various methods. In case of an advanced infestation, termite treatment chemicals might not do it. If the infestation is worthy of the termite treatment cost, go ahead and have the house fumigated. Any termite pest control professional can tell you the termite tenting cost in Derby, KS. Once the issue is solved, preventing the little guys from returning is a simple matter of using a few natural products. Safe termite treatment in Derby, KS comprises natural and organic termite control.

Organic termite treatments use things found in nature to defeat the white ants. The mineral boron has a salt called borax extracted from it. Borax is harmless to humans and animals, but it is deadly to a termite. When a house is being constructed, treating the wood with a solution of borax and water will prevent the bugs from taking hold of the wood. Repeating the process after construction will ensure they don’t move in. In a house of some age showing signs of termites, this treatment is best done by a professional. They know their way around crawl spaces and other places where termites dine.

Nature termite treatment is something a homeowner can do for do it yourself termite control. A substance found in nature that is tantamount to a funeral for termites is cedar oil. It closes up their breathing system, and it cannot reopen. In a new construction, treat the wood with cedar oil before the house is wrapped. An older house can have this treatment done by a professional who knows where to apply it. If you know where to crawl and which areas to apply it, a diy termite treatment will save you the cost of a nature termite treatment in Derby.

Green termite treatments are trending now. Home remedies for termites save families a lot of money in medical bills when chemicals exacerbate certain health problems. Orange oil is a popular ingredient in many products. It smells good and cleans well. It is not, however, popular with termites. Getting orange oil termite services or doing it yourself will ensure a healthy family in a home free of termites.