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The scientific name for the common bed bug is Cimex lectularius. We call these insects “bed bugs” because they often live inside mattresses and because they often suck people’s blood as they sleep — two very disturbing notions. Bed bugs have bugged people since the days of the ancient Greeks if not earlier. Aristotle even took note of these parasites in one of his written works.

Between the mid-1940s and mid-1990s, bed bugs all but disappeared from the United States. It seemed like the nation had figured out how to get rid of bed bugs once and for all. However, over the course of the past several years, Americans have discovered that we never learned how to remove bed bugs permanently from our society. Yes, the common bed bug has staged a comeback. These parasites have begun infiltrating homes, hotels, and all kinds of other buildings yet again.

Some scientists have suggested a link between the resurgence of the bed bug and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 1972 outlawing of the pesticide DDT and its 1996 banning of a variety of other pesticides. Many environmental activists refute this correlation. Whatever the reason for the revival, it’s safe to say that Belcourt bed bugs have become a major issue.

Preventing a bed bug infestation is virtually impossible. It’s hard to come up with effective prevention measures against tiny, flat insects that can sneak into suitcases, purses, and shoes. And expelling bed bugs is even more difficult than keeping them from entering. Eliminating them requires methods far more potent than common home remedies such as bug spray.

bed bug Belcourt, NDBed bugs signs are often unmistakable. First, bed bug bites can leave itchy and unsightly red marks on victims. In addition, you might find discarded exoskeletons — in other words, the skins that bed bugs outgrow — lying around your house. You could detect a sweet and musty odor. Or you might see brown or black stains throughout your home. Such stains are the waste products of bed bugs.

These bed bugs symptoms can mean only one thing: It’s time to call a bed bug exterminator in Belcourt, ND for professional treatment that will kill bed bugs for good. It’s time to get that free estimate and find out what kind of bed bug treatment would be optimal for your home. While the presence of these insects does not rise to the level of emergency, it’s best if you get in touch with a bed bug exterminator Belcourt, ND, the same day you notice symptoms. If you wait to kill bed bugs, those insects will multiply in the meantime. Indeed, any homeowner who’s had to deal with bed bugs Belcourt can tell you that these critters reproduce with great alacrity.

pest control Belcourt, NDYou might be wondering what a bed bug exterminator in Belcourt, ND, would have to do to accomplish a bed bug removal in your home or office. Will this person utilize a special bed bug spray that can handle the fumigation? Or will the entire family have to stay at Grandma’s house for a week while a bed bug fumigation takes place? The truth is that there are a variety of bed bug pest control measures available. Whichever removal process is best for your situation depends on many details: how many bed bugs are living in your Belcourt home, what your home’s surfaces are made of, and so on. You might also be wondering if it’s possible to find an affordable bed bug service in Belcourt. This question is easier to answer: Yes, you can certainly acquire a cheap bed bug extermination in Belcourt, ND.

Now the primary question becomes: In order to get rid of Belcourt bed bugs, how does a person find the best exterminator, someone who’s earned the best reviews from past customers? Further, how can you be certain that you’ll get a safe bed bug extermination? How can you locate green exterminators or a Spanish speaking exterminator? And how can you be assured that your extermination service will provide you with honest and respectful treatment?

exterminator in Belcourt, NDIf you call the telephone number that appears on our homepage, we’ll get you in contact with the best Belcourt bed bug removal service. This person will be a dependable, truthful individual who’s deeply knowledgeable about every kind of pest repeller — from heat treatment to insecticide. On top of that, he or she will have impeccable credentials and unbeatable prices. Our service is free to use and open to everyone living in the United States. Our representatives are passionate about providing exceptional, personalized, and friendly service to everyone who calls. And you may give us a ring at any hour of the day and on any day of the calendar year. You can speak to a rep in Spanish as well.

After a brief and pleasant conversation, you’ll know which Belcourt bed bug exterminator or exterminators are worthy of your time and money. Plus, many of these professionals work at such industry-leading companies as Arrow Exterminator, Viking, Orkin, Terminix, and Western Exterminator. No doubt Aristotle would’ve loved to hire such a pro to take care of his bed bug problems. So call today get rid of your bed bugs for good.